Program Philosophy

Sanford’s mission includes striving to be the premier rural healthcare organization in the United States. Click on this video for a short introduction to that initiative:


The mission of the Sanford Health-Psychology Internship Consortium is to train and prepare future psychologists to provide outstanding, culturally competent, and compassionate clinical health care in rural and frontier communities across the Midwest.

Sanford Health-Psychology Internship Consortium (SH-PIC) is comprised of three (3) primary training sites within the Sanford Health Enterprise in the Greater Fargo/Moorhead region. These sites include the Moorhead Adult Behavioral Health Clinic (MABHC), the Valley City Clinic (VCC), and the Traumatic Stress Treatment Center (TSTC).

SH-PIC offers generalist training with a focus on rural and underserved populations, with the opportunity for specialized training that varies across training sites. The Consortium is also intended to be practical and adaptive – fostering the ability to move learning rapidly from the conceptual into actual clinical applications, affording opportunities to integrate science, theory, and ethics into real-world practice typically encountered by a health service psychologist.

This internship is an initiative of Sanford Medical Education (SME). SME is committed to excellence in our programs that give developing physicians the resources they need to thrive and help them build lasting mentorships and relationships with experts in their field. Learn more about SME here: https://www.sanfordhealth.org/initiatives/medical-education