The Sanford Health-Psychology Internship Consortium (SH-PIC) recognizes the rights of interns and faculty to be treated with courtesy and respect. To maximize the quality and effectiveness of the interns’ learning experiences, all interactions among interns, training supervisors, and faculty/staff are collegial and professional and conducted in a manner that reflects the highest standards of the profession. SH-PIC faculty inform interns of these principles and of their avenues of recourse should problems arise. These policies are available at sh-pic.org and in the SH-PIC Intern Handbook.

SH-PIC faculty provide interns with a level of observation, guidance and supervision that encourages successful completion of the internship. Faculty serve as professional role models and engage in actions that promote interns’ acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies consistent with the SH-PIC training aims. All interns will receive a total minimum of four (4) hours per week of supervision; at least 50% of this time will be delivered in-person.

Individual Supervision

Sanford Health-Psychology Internship Consortium Supervisors will schedule two hours of face-to-face supervision for each intern at their primary site. The primary supervisor establishes training goals for the intern at that site which are continually revisited and adjusted as necessary for each intern’s specific professional needs and development. Interns receive a minimum of two hours of individual supervision each week. However, primary and/or secondary supervisors are always accessible for remote consultation while interns are providing clinical and support services.

Group Supervision & Professional Development

Two hours of group supervision will be scheduled weekly for interns to learn from and consult with multiple training committee faculty and the interdisciplinary teams at their sites. Weekly group supervision will be held in-person at a designated central location. It is required for all current interns for successful program completion. All group supervision facilitators are licensed psychologists. One hour of group supervision will focus on clinical case consultations and presentations. One hour will serve as a Professional Development group where interns will explore legal and ethical issues, as well as clinical topics reflecting best practices within the current psychological literature.

Tele Supervision

The Sanford Health-Psychology Internship Consortium (SH-PIC) may, on occasion, use videoconferencing to provide individual or group supervision when necessary, such as in instances of inclement weather. Tele supervision can only account for 1 of the 2 hours of required individual supervision per week. The other hour of required weekly individual supervision must be in-person. Tele supervision may not account for more than 2 hours of the minimum required 4 total weekly hours of supervision.