Training Goals

The Sanford Health-Psychology Internship Consortium (SH-PIC) strives to prepare interns for entry-level generalist practice in health service psychology with a strong emphasis on clinical excellence and scholarship in underserved communities. The training sites are committed to providing a unified, comprehensive training program for our interns. Each site’s training curriculum is comprised of three major areas of emphasis: Behavioral Health Intervention; Assessment; and Care Collaboration and Consultation.

The program is designed to train interns, through multiple, evidence-based experiences and focus areas, to function as independent, ethical, and culturally competent professional psychologists who have the capability of acting as an integral member of a multidisciplinary health delivery team, focusing on the evaluation and treatment of behavioral health disorders and the complex interplay between emotional and physical well-being.

Training goals are accomplished by providing a broad range of high-quality learning opportunities and supervision to the intern in a supportive and professional environment. The internship is pluralistic, recognizing that there is no dominant paradigm for understanding human development, psychopathology, assessment, or treatment in contemporary clinical psychology. Rather, our field is characterized by its conceptual diversity, necessitating broad models and practices within multidisciplinary frameworks.