Successful Internship Requirements

All SH-PIC interns are required to demonstrate minimum levels of achievement across all nine (9) APA Profession-Wide competencies and associated learning elements as outlined in the Intern Handbook. Informal evaluation is ongoing throughout the year and supervisors are expected to provide interns with routine feedback on strengths and areas for growth, such that formal evaluation feedback does not come as a surprise. Interns are formally evaluated by their primary supervisor three (3) times per year, at the 3-month, 7-month, and 12-month marks. Evaluations are conducted using the SH-PIC Intern Evaluation Form, which includes a Likert Scale and comment spaces for qualitative feedback regarding the intern’s performance and progress. The evaluation form includes ratings on all nine profession-wide competencies and associated learning elements. Supervisors are expected to carefully review the evaluations with interns during scheduled supervision, and interns are encouraged to ask for clarification and express concerns as indicated. The evaluation is signed by both the intern and supervisor, and the intern receives a copy.  A copy is also submitted to the SH-PIC Training Director(s) who maintain this in the intern’s records indefinitely. Additionally, a copy is provided to the Director of Clinical Training (DCT) at the intern’s graduate program.

The minimum level of achievement (MLA) on all nine profession-wide competencies assessed by the intern evaluation increases over the course of the year to reflect expected growth in competence. The MLA for each of the three (3) evaluations is as follows:

3-month evaluation: “2” (Beginning)

7-month evaluation: “2” (Beginning)

12-month evaluation: “3” (Intermediate)

If an intern receives a score lower than the MLA on any competency, or if supervisors have reason to be concerned about an intern’s performance or progress, the Intern Due Process Procedures may be initiated. A downloadable link to the Intern Handbook, which includes SH-PIC’s Due Process and Grievance Procedures may be found at the end of this page.

In order to successfully complete the training program, interns must receive a rating of “3” or above on all learning elements and profession-wide competencies and complete 2000 hours of training, 500 of which must be direct service hours.

In addition to the Intern Evaluation Form, interns must complete a self-evaluation form at the beginning and end of the internship. This evaluation is the same as the form used by supervisors. Interns must complete an evaluation of their Primary Site Supervisor at 3-months, 7-months, and 12-months, as well as a program evaluation at the end of the training year in order to provide feedback that informs any changes or improvements in the training program. Interns are required to submit evaluations for each didactic session during the year. All evaluations are reviewed by the Training Committee and used to inform necessary changes to the training program. All evaluation forms are maintained indefinitely by the Program Directors. All evaluation forms are attached to the SH-PIC Intern Handbook.